Is customized discounting possible?

Hello everyone,

My current rates are Rs 1950 for a single person, and Rs 2300 for a couple. The room has a maximum occupancy of 2. This converts approximately to USD 29 and USD 34 respectively.

Consider the following two scenarios.

  1. Suppose I want to discount my prices for the rest of June as follows: make it a flat rate of Rs. 1950 per night - no extra charge for a second person.

  2. Suppose I want to give a discount for people staying more than 7 days (a week), but only if it is a couple.

I don’t see a way to do either of these with Airbnb’s current system. Am I missing something, or is it simply not possible?

Select the dates on your calendar and change just for those dates

You can always make a special offer on a reservation by reservation basis. Why not offer a 7 day discount to everyone not just couples?

I think that just discounts the base price. Presumably if I temporily change the daily rate from Rs. 1950 to (say) Rs. 1800, the new prices will be Rs. 1800 and Rs. 1800 + 350 = 2150.

Yes, I’m aware of special offers, but for that, someone has to actually contact you. And the 7 day discount for couples was just an example.

There are literally hundreds of customizations that various hosts, including me, would like to see. They (Airbnb planners and programmers) seem to have their own, completely disconnected, from us, agenda of what they are interested in developing.


They probably just focus on what the most people want/need rather than something only a select few would use. That’s what I would do if I ran Airbnb.

Hundreds of unique customizations sounds like a huge task.

I am not aware that they are focused on anything most people want/need. Not at all sure what they focus on. Probably just what they think will make them the most money with the least amount of effort. From a purely business standpoint that is all they should be concerned with.

Some sort of programmable interface should be possible. A GUI to automate a good chunk of it would not be hard, I think. Of course, Airbnb would have to hire programmers who knew what they were doing.

The programming bit is easy for anyone with a mind for coding. The problem is hosts would get confused, forget what parameters they set for the various days, and then spend hours on the phone with customer support complaining that they didn’t mean to set something up in such a way or forgot to change settings back, etc.

Yes, that’s certainly a good point. Though they could have some “advanced” options that could be enabled with a warning or something.

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