Is anyone using tokeet?

I am a host with 1 property and I was curious to know how useful tokeet is and if booking increased.


I’ll google it, but what is tokeet?

Hi Joan,

It’s a tool for hosting, I can’t post the link here, I suppose it’s against the rules.

I am only with airbnb, and was wondering if any hosts know how it goes, and if it’s classed as another "useless kitchen gadget ".

I looked at it the other day.

What features attract you that airbnb doesn’t already have?

I’m using Tokeet. It’s really useful to use a channel manager with real time updates if you’re advertising on other vacation rental websites.

Hi - I may be able to help with any Tokeet-related questions. Regarding booking increases, the primary reason for this would be the addition of more channels to your listing catalogue (Airbnb, Booking_com, Agoda, etc).

Another major factor would be the improved communication and automation features converting inquiries to bookings. Automated review solicitations will improve your listing’s prominence in search results.

Using software management for your listings is going to improve response times and stats associated with your listing profile, increase your reviews, minimize cancelations, and eliminate double bookings. All of these things will contribute to a better booking rate.

Sorry for the commercial - it is true though :sunglasses: