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Is anyone renting multiple rooms in one apartment?


Hey guys,

Is anyone renting multiple rooms in one apartment? If so I’d like to have a talk. I’m thinking about it but I’m kind of worried about like psychology and stuff that might happen between the guest since they will be using the same common areas.

Anyone experienced this?



To be honest it is a little weird at first, but I always set expectations for my guests before they book, telling them that there might be someone staying in our other guest room and make sure they are okay with it. I also tell them to treat us like roommates so that eases the tension a bit.


I think it’s a fantastic idea! That being said, design and market your space so sharing is embraced. Examples: make your dining table really compelling so people will want to sit down and engage with other guests. Arrange your seating so guests can hang out and talk to one another. Put a framed chalkboard up and write welcoming messages to each guest using their first names. Instead of stocking clean towels in the bathroom, provide towels (white), washcloth and spa robe in each room (so guests know they have not already been used.) Making a pot of coffee for guests to enjoy upon waking is a nice touch too. Good luck and I think you’ll have much success!


Great post! We’ve had a ton of fun, affording us to meet so many people from every possible corner of the world. Guests love it! @tom2, @1chicretreat, agreed?

Happy to share stories hosting, including our template for automating systems to maximize profits without detracting from the guest experience.

Many of our guests come back.



Thanks a lot guys for all the answers :slight_smile: I really appreciate that.


I’d love to hear your stories and see the template for automating systems.




Yes, I’d love to see your templates!


I used to rent out the two rooms in one apartment but it’s more profitable to rent the apartment as one unit. Before it was just the two bedrooms, sleeping a total of 3 people. Now because of the sofa bed it sleeps 5. Yes, I charge per person. I also don’t have to worry about schedules and if I have any single women in the space.

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