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Is Anyone Interested in Listing Their Property on Other Channels Besides Airbnb?


Hello Everyone,

Just as the title states, does anyone feel they are catering to Airbnb rather than the Guests? Everyone is fighting for 5 stars and superhost, but the simple matter is to put your property on other channels so you don’t feel obligated to bow down to Airbnb.

Soon enough, Airbnb will transition their Customer Booking Fees to Owners commission fee’s increasing, as the supply base is becoming saturated. As an owner, it would be wise to get ahead of this.

If you are interested, leave a reply or DM me. We can have an open discussion or private discussion.


Interested in what???


Listing your property on channels such as HomeAway | Booking . com | Expedia | Google on top of Airbnb.


I just experimentally listed on Homeaway and will report back. Honestly, I mostly did it so I can include the experience (more than 1 platform, calendar management) in an county adult ed course on being a short term stay host I plan to teach in the fall. One concern is I get a couple 2 week bookings on Homeaway, Airbnb sees blocked dates and pushes me down in its search results.


Just waiting to see what this brand newbie to the forum is promoting :innocent:


Hi dpfromva,

In response to your post, in this industry, each owner has a different mindset, goals and business agenda’s. If you wish to generate more revenue, we highly suggest diversifying your property distribution to multiple channels. If you get bookings from HomeAway, why do you care about your Airbnb listing?

The thing that is so frustrating to me is that Owners care so much about a 5* rating from the guest, but have absolutely no control over the review the Guest writes. I have read so many guest reviews and owner complaints about not getting 5* from their guests and they ponder what they did wrong. You provided an example about your calendar being blacked out and that knocked down your listing.

You have no absolute control of how your listing is being shown, the reviews, so getting the most revenue for your property should be the end goal.


AirBnB is just another OTA.
Yes, AirBnB has been very attractive for a while because they operated in a grey area, bending rules and using loopholes. It has been a Valhalla for illegal str’s.

Now AirBnB is being hammered down from all directions, they are moving into line with all the other big OTA"s like Booking, Expedia, Hotelsdotcom etc etc.

So what seems to be a bad thing, is also a good thing. For hosts it gets a lot easier to use multiple platforms because rates and commissions are the same.

And to be honest, hosts should already be working with other OTA’s, the more visibility the better.
AirBnB is still just a small player compared to Booking, so although they have their own flaws, they deliver a lot of bookings to me.

But the best thing is not having to use OTA’s. 95% of my high season bookings are direct, trough my website. That 13+% commission the OTA’s take, I get to keep myself. Down payments go directly into my pocket, and no stupid cancellation policies.


Um, because Homeaway charges 8% and Air charges 3%, I want use Home for “filler” bookings AND not impinge on my Air page ranking. As you say, revenue maximization. What is your objective in asking? Seems like you’ve pre-decided the answer.


My company has a partnership with Airbnb. I highly recommend you list your property with them.

I also recommend that you don’t solely focus your reservations with them. They charge guests 10-13% per bookings. They were in client/supply acquisition phase to get inventory. Now they are moving toward user acquisition, as they have developed their inventory. Just like any other Travel Channel, eventually their Owner rates will go up.

You see the travel market through the lens of an owner, not a traveler. If I can find a cheaper option on say HomeAway, I would choose them. They are already 10-13% cheaper due to no booking fees with the channel.


List on Houfy. Free for all of 2018 and 2019. All direct bookings. No OTA controlling cancellation policies. And you can import your Airbnb or Homeaway listing and reviews within seconds.

I just had my fourth guest join to be a member of Houfy the other day… to “follow” me and read my guides.



@beststayzdavid - What is the name of your company and what kind of partnership does it have with Airbnb? Your posts are a bit confusing. It almost sounds like you are saying to prepare yourself to be independent of the OTAs…yet you sound like you are suggesting to list with your company, and then you are going to just list on the OTAs anyway.

So explain the benefits, etc.


As long as my calendar is as full as I want it to be, why do I care about the differential in guest fees to the platform? OK I’m done here.
On my project list when I retire – focus on direct booking. I will have a second property up and running by then.


Your company sounds just like Evolve that has a partnership with HA. But all they do is list properties on the same channels that you could list on yourself.


Can you get your property on Expedia or Booking or Google?

How is a guest going to book direct to your website? Marketing your property is whole different headache to running it. That is why you are currently on Airbnb.

I am being very realistic here, its 2018. People use websites & apps to book, no one is going to search cabin in West Virginia near Huntington.


Huh? Can you please be more clear what you are trying to promote? @Chris above just said he gets 95% of bookings direct. I also receive direct bookings through my website. Not the amount that Chris does. But many do receive direct bookings.

Aren’t you aware of the increasing amount of travelers who are googling the name of the property because they have gotten wise to the ridiculous traveler fees. That’s the quickest way to be found directly.


Yes, @beststayzdavid - I have a booking .com account, an Expedia account, and a Google business listing. And I list on Homeaway and the vhrnetwork and Houfy, and cabins. com.


This is false. That is exactly how many people initially search when trying to find a place. There is a huge segment still that has only rented hotels. And there are a lot of people out there who have never heard of the names Airbnb and Homeaway. They would more likely have heard of booking .com and Expedia. I have never heard one person in my real life ever mention the vacation rental listing sites.


I am fairly certain the overwhelmingly number of reservations around the world are done through a Travel Channel.

There maybe certain outliers where some owners get the majority of bookings from their own website as our friend Chris above.

My company has plenty of listings through Airbnb. I just want to educate the industry into expanding their exposure rather than being listed half way down the Airbnb scrolling list.


But all you are doing is educating them to list on other OTAs who also control search placement, etc. If you have been following HA at all, they have completely hidden listings (they don’t even show in searches at all) depending on which browser someone is using.

I also had the experience of them hiding all of my 5 star reviews and making it look I had zero…as if a newbie. Not until someone clicked on my listing could they actually see I had a ton of 5 star reviews. They also manipulate search results and expand geographic area. Someone may type in your area, and 50 properties many miles away will show up first.

I’ve asked several times what you are here to offer…but you haven’t explained yet.

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