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Is anyone else losing the LAST day of bookings when syncing from Airbnb to Google calendar?

Big surprise when my guests hadn’t checked out as I arrived at the house.

It happened with both recent Airbnb bookings, but VRBO imports correctly.

Could have to do with my settings, blocking 2 days after each booking and 1 before?

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No you just need to communicate with guests in advance of their checkout to ensure they know your cleaners will be there 10 mins after your latest checkout (I do this the day before).

And highlight checkout times in your checkout instructions.


@Helsi, I don’t have a cleaner and they certainly wouldn’t be cleaning the day guests check out (Covid).

I would just like my calendar to have the bookings INCLUDING their last night synchronized properly.

Wrong topic per chance?



@muddy you posted on the wrong topic.

Is there an echo here…



Yes. But I thought if I tagged her she would notice sooner. I guess not. LOL.

Thanks, yeah, I did post it on the wrong thread. Not sure how that happened. Meant to post it on the “Closed once again” thread.

Are you able to move it?

Not in an elegant fashion. Better for you to copy/past this one onto the other thread and delete this.

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