Is an e cigarette considered smoking?

My house rules clearly state no smoking. My guest was smoking an e cigarette and I was a bit unsure what to do, is this considered smoking?

Depends on the person. At the very least they should have asked.

If you don’t like it ask them to smoke it outside.

I think it depends on the reasons why you personally don’t allow smoking in your house.

If you’re worried about damage to your furniture and odours, you needn’t. E cigs won’t leave an odour and damage like traditional smoking does.

If you’re worried about your health then probably best not to allow it. There aren’t enough studies that say e cigs are ‘safe’. They just haven’t been around long enough

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Yes, I consider anything that gives off “smoke” smoking. E-cigs, cigars, vape pens, cigarettes, bongs, pipes… etc. You should just include it in the house rule that they have to acknowledge at the time of booking. I give explicit directions on where in the yard one can indulge in smoking and that it should never be done in the house or near the house.

I say it does. I added this to my rules a while back. ‘Strictly No smoking of any kind, this includes electronic cigarettes.’

I also give an option to smoke in courtyard or car park area if they desire.

We have smokers ashtrays in both areas. My partner smokes and i hate it. He also has to go downstairs.
I had one guest try to argue. Asking me whats the problem smoking on balcony. She just didnt get it no matter how much i explained. I caught her one afternoon, when i came back from work standing on it puffing away, with the balcony door wide open. I was furious.

ps: Robert_dudley do you ever approach them about the butts on your lawn? I wouldnt be a happy camper! Bad smokers! Everywhere! :wink:

Them ecigs stink to. Im forever pullling up my jumper over my nose, or coughing, passing people in the street. They blow out some smoke they do…the air is covered in chemicals. It amazes me when I pass all the office workers standing outside with their ecigs, also standing with the ‘tradiitonal smokers’ all mixed together!

I have a no smoking, but vaping is fine, policy. As a vaper myself I am well aware of the complete lack of smell or nastiness left by e cigs. On a side note, I am a long time member of this forum but it apparently “forgot” my log in so had to create a new account :wink:

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