Is a small computer desk a profitable addition to a room?

I moved around the furniture and see that I can put a computer / work desk in the corner. Has anyone found that this either increases satisfaction or at most causes bookings to increase?

Hi Bob Blank,

Yes, we put a small computer desk in the room. The guests really appreciate it, especially the ones who are here working or studying.

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I usually include a desk sized mirror and a convenient power strip. The bathroom can become a bottleneck with multiple visitors… it’s nice to have a desk that doubles as a place to work on the computer as well as a place to dry hair and apply makeup.

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Can anyone recommend a good small room workdesk to buy online that will deliver to me in the USA for under $150? That and a good mattress? I remember someone posted a good online mattress company but I can’t find that message anymore.

Take at look on my listing, the computer desk that i purchased as a result of this question was $39 at Ikea and is excellent.

We invested in one of these guys, and guests love it. Takes very little room and provides a workspace, extra counter space, whatever they might need.

Tuft and Needles. I pd 500 for a queen, its like a thick futon but all my guests just love it; its comfy for everyone. You order direct from factory to cut out the middleman.

My 2 cents. I had a desk custom made for my listing. I had to have it custom made, otherwise it wouldn’t have fitted - the room is tiny. It’s in the photographs for my listing.

I think people do appreciate a desk where they can do computer work or other desk work. Not everyone needs to do desk work while travelling, but it isn’t uncommon. It’s also helpful to provide conveniently placed power outlets, so people can plug their devices in.

In my small room, I placed a small computer desk and a desktop power strip on one corner of the desk. It is convenient for me to charge appliances and USB devices.

I am for all things foldable.

I have a folding table and folding chairs in my guest room. At some point, I intend to fit an extensible, folding table to the wall, which when opened stretches out more widely and stably, and can be folded away when not needed reclaiming a fair bit of room.

Options for purchasing a desk: or Craigslist.

@Bob_Blank I’d say it’s a plus, especially if you’re just renting the room. If it’s an entire house, probably not as necessary as they could work off a kitchen table or something similar. I see your post was from July 2015, have your guests used it?


Unless your unit is modern, I would check out Craigslist / Thrift stores. Can get some great vintage pieces cheap.

I found one through Facebook yard sale for $10. Put a nice lamp on it as well. It makes the room much more functionable for people who are using your Airbnb for business purposes and traveling. Plus, it’s just added space for them to put stuff if they need it