Is a channel manager really needed?/ 40 units

Hello everyone!!

I currently manage nearly 40 units and only use and Airbnb to get bookings. To not get overbookings I have been using the channel manager (Lodgify). However it’s quite expensive, and even though I know it has a lot more features other than the channel manager that’s the only I one use. That being said I’m considering to stop using a channel manager and just synchronize both calendars; Airbnb and . However I am afraid I may get overbookings, which can be quite expensive. I have been told after synchronizing calendars when you get a booking the dates won’t be canceled on the other platforms right away and it takes a while. I know with Lodgify it takes around 10 seconds, which is pretty decent. However paying nearly 3.000 a year for that service is expensive. All I want is to get the calendars on Airbnb and Booking synchronized with a decent timing response to cancel dates on the oposite platforms.

Thanks guys!!

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Are you doing Instant booking? If guests could only send a request to book, then you would have time to check the calendar, then manually block the days on the other calendar. It would consume a lot of your time so maybe Lodgify is worth the extra expense.

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So… with forty units, let’s say worst case scenario 50% occupancy and an average daily rate of $100, meaning you’re turning over around $750k a year. And you’re bitching about a measly, tax deductible, $3k that stops you getting double booked?

You have posted this in fun, yeah?




To be fair, the OP says he manages the units, so is likely not reaping all those profits- might only be getting 25-30%.


Still a large enough amount to not be quibbling about a $3000 tax deductible amount


Doesn’t look like anyone is going to answer your question. But we are happy to tell you you’re wrong. Sorry.

Very few property managers post here. The ones who do typically don’t stick around because everyone is so hostile to them.


I understand looking for a better price. All businesses must do it to verify they are not being overcharged. Also why pay for something you may not need. The fastest way to lose money is to spend it recklessly

I have no experience with lodgify or similar product. When I was on multiple platforms, I shared the calendars with Airbnb being the dominant/my go-to & they updated fairly quickly but that was for two units so not comparable

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Maybe we are jealous? I kinda am, but mom always said life’s not fair. I’m grateful to have my rentals. Not fancy but I have more than many other folks—again grateful

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I don’t think so. Someone who “manages” xx units isn’t anyone I’d be jealous of. That would be akin to being jealous of the hotel manager. I’m jealous of the owners of multimillion dollar properties.

I’m guessing we resent Airbnb going from being the one host, one home-rent out the guestroom platform to a huge platform that includes hotels and faceless property managers. When someone comes along and says “I have xx number of properties” a switch flips in our brains.

People everywhere are guilty of shooting the messenger.


Doesn’t make any difference, he’s bitching about six tax deductible bucks per unit, per month.

Fixed that for yah :wink:

Why would you be jealous? Property managers aren’t hosts, they’re a distinctly different animal.

I don’t know if that’s strictly true, there several multi unit owners post here regularly and not only contribute but make the forum a better place.



In North Myrtle Beach the VRBO/Homeaway and Vacasa rentals are so numerous they have dedicated property management business offices to support owner/rental recruitment & remote owner support.

Just as VRBO started out as a booking platform and is evolving into property management, I think eventually Airbnb will too

It already has, with the Luckey brand.


That’s easy. They have a job. I was laid off. The good news is there are now jobs available in my area in my specialty area so job applications here I come


That’s good, I’m (genuinely) pleased for you.



I learn something new everyday

I can’t answer if it’s worth it. But when I listed our single property on, I asked about how quickly the calendars would sync. I was told they synced three times a day.

Maybe a different channel manager? I’ve heard people are happy with OwnerRez but don’t know what it costs.

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Is that the royal “we”? :slight_smile: Managing 40 properties isn’t even the slightest bit an attractive occupation to me.

I have never considered vacation property management to be a reliable source of income and not interested in such a stressful job.

Thankfully I have an occupation where my income, however modest, isn’t affected by COVID or anything else.

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Why be jealous of what someone else has @Annet3176

My remark was based on the running of his/her business nothing else

My first thought is - imagine the juggling! And then if you are managing on behalf of the owners, the reporting and explaining!

1 Like is great. You should also have your listings on VRBO and your own website

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