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Is a channel manager really necessary?

Hello everyone!!

I have my own vacation rental agency managing currently 36 units. Where we are(Southern Europe) around 96% bookings come from either Airbnb.com or Booking.com. Therefore I only use those two platforms. To not get overbookings I have been using the channel manager (Lodgify). However it’s quite expensive, and even though I know it has a lot more features other than the channel manager but that’s the only one use. That being said I’m considering to stop using a channel manager and just synchronize both calendars; Airbnb and Booking.com. However I am afraid I may get overbookings, which can be quite expensive. I have been told after synchronizing calendars when you get a booking the dates won’t be canceled on the other platforms right away and it takes a while. Can anyone please give feedback? Thanks guys!! :slight_smile:

It’s not an immediate synch therefore possibility of double booking.

Is a channel manager really necessary?

In this scenario, yes.


Thanks John!! Do you know how long it takes? Channel managers are not 100% immediate either and I actually got an overbooking not long ago as it refreshes every 90-120 seconds. If the synchronization with no CM takes that time it would make no sense for me whatsoever to pay for it. It’s over 200 euro expense a month.


With an XML connection they are generally immediate.


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