Irritated - misleading ABB popup advert

Many times lately when browsing in this forum I get a popup ad from ABB at the bottom of the thread I am reading that says Book an entire home in ______" with the cover photo of my listing. I don’t at all mind my place being advertised, except that it is very misleading…my listing is “Private Bedroom; Bed & Breakfast” NOT the entire home. When I clic on the link it takes me to the ABB search page.

Is anyone else getting popup ads like this?

I know this forum has nothing to do with these ads…it’s just irritating.

AD Blocker gets rid of most of that crap, and other ads as well. Now I only get one ad at the head of each thread here that the site somehow manages to get past the blocker.

Yes, I use an ad blocker too. Internet life would be too irritating without it!

You can specifically block pop ups if that is what is irritating you. It is all very well for people to block ads but they are what pays for the internet, or at least most web pages. There’s another fool proof way people can avoid ads on the internet. Don’t use the internet.

No wonder some hosts get very confused guests who have booked a room, but somehow think they get the whole house.

Exactly! Its not the pop ups that irritates me, its that my listing is being misrepresented.

I’ve noticed these too! My listing is a “guest suite”, so fairly private, but definitely not a whole house.

Airbnb’s marketing team needs to tighten up their messaging. They’re all over the place right now because they really need to segment their product offering rather than shotgun blasting their weird mix of listings with messages ranging from “live with a local, like a local” to “whole home rentals on the cheap” and “luxury boutique resorts”.

No wonder people show up on our doorsteps utterly confused!

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