Ireland Insurance Cover


Can anyone tell me a broker/insurance company in Ireland that offers cover for Airbnb rentals. (Airbnb rent entire home) and it’s also my principle private residence.

I can only get cover for renting rooms but not the whole house.

Would appreciate any help.

Hi Liz Which area of Ireland are you in?

Hi I’m in cork. Finding it hard to any cover

I’m the same and live in Dublin. Can anyone advise me?

We’re looking for a company too. Have you guys had any joy?

Have you guys had any joy?

Hi, I’m in the same scenario, has anybody found an insurance company? Would appreciate any advice you might have - thanks :slight_smile:

I live in Ireland,
the insurance that cover Airbnb is;
Rita Dunne
Insurance House,
38 Eastmoreland Lane
Dublin 4

Telephone: +353 1 6032999
Facsimile: +353 1 6606930

Insure My House sorted it out for me - they are in Terenure now. Have a look at their website or call and ask for Deirdre McCarthy, shes the Manager.

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