iPhone and iPad app shows new message but therein’t one

All of a sudden my iPhone and iPad airbnb icons are showing that there is a new message or notification when there isn’t. I have gone on to the airbnb website on my computer to check and there is definitely nothing I haven’t read or answered. Anybody else have this problem?

Mine does that intermittently, for weeks on end it seems, then suddenly it’s gone. You get used to it :slight_smile:

Mine is doing that too and it is driving me NUTS!


I turned off Badge notifications for the Airbnb app. It’s pretty redundant anyway.

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Good tip, Skipav: I hadn’t thought to do that. Thanks

Now, my badge is showing 2. Was reset yesterday when two messages from guests arrived within minutes of each other, and now they are stuck. Makes the badge pretty worthless.

still have the icon over the app, driving me crazy. Is there coming a fix soon?