INVISIBLE after 27 days search BUG, anyone else?

Hello there,

One of my listings becomes invisible in the searches after 27 days, unfortunately the winters here in Michigan I only rent monthly so this is killing me. It took Airbnb 3 WEEKS to just tell me it was a bug, so if they were that slow to just tell me it was a bug (which I kind of already figured out it must be) I wonder how long it will take to fix the bug.

Anyone else have this bug? Frustrated with the Airbnb support? I know I am!

Thank you

@Yana Has reported this on another thread. Same problem.

Thanks @smtucker, can you tell me which post? Checked her postings but can’t find one related to this one. This is not the bug where you can fix the problem by making the monthly discount > 0, there’s no workaround that I know of.

Thank you

Having exactly the same issue. I have a 2% occupancy rate due to this. I have tried everything from updating my listing to un-listing and relisting. Still nothing.

Ok so … this is what I discovered.
But the funny part is I just stumbled over it somewhere, checked the box but now I forgot where I found it.
There is actually a box under “logistic” part. And I think it was under booking, but not sure because now it disappeared and I can’t find it again.

So they actually ask you if you want to least for more than 28 days. And you need to check that box. Obviously if you don’t Check a listing becomes invisible.
This is unbelievably silly. No one even knows about it and it’s obviously new since then never had this problem before.

The funny part is in call center they have no idea about it. They just do" hmm, how strange" and don’t know what causes the problem.
They better take care of it soon because I can’t get my listing rented the way I want based on this glitch

Thank you @Yana, they scalated the problem, after countless reps trying to see what was the problem and after 3 weeks finally they came out and said it’s a bug, so supposedly their IT says it’s a bug. So after you found that box then you’re searchable longer than 28 days?

Thank you.

You need to set a Maximum Trip Length.
On the app: Under Booking Setting, Calendar, Trip Length

It’s already set to 999 days.

Me ne set to 1150 days. It’s not that.

So @Yana , I surmise that you still have the problem still? or that box that you found and disappeared again fixed it for you? I don’t know what to do anymore I asked Airbnb for any work-around and they have gone silent.

I’m originally from FL by the way, used to live in Hallandale Beach, what area are you at? How’s the airbnb business in your area?

I am in Hollywood right next to where you were.
Business was better 2 years ago. Now prices dropped and it’s a bit of a struggle.
I checked the box and this particulr listing is visible again. But others that I couldn’t find that part are still not visible.

Also, one listing that became visible as soon as I changed prices went back to being invisible . This is insane . All i do is creating new listings as I really need to rent it for long term .

I’m calling Airbnb everyday bothering them so someone can do something about it, just got off the phone with them, the issue has been confirmed with the “Bug Team” and the rep (this is about the 6th rep I have been dealing with for this issue so far) is supposedly going to send messages asking for updates (old news, every rep says the same thing and hardly anything happens) at this point all I’m asking is a work-around or a verification that this is not going to be solved anytime soon so I can list my house somewhere else so I can get monthly renters.

Hollywood is good, almost bought a condo pre-construction right in the circle (I think it was 2005? the big new apartment building) before the company I was doing some work for got shut down. I have a friend that is near Sheridan and US1 (a couple of blocks west of US1), he’s thinking of renting a room, if it’s getting to competitive and lower rents maybe it’s better for him to keep his long term renter. The problem is he’s right besides some apartments where the landlord seems a bit of a slumlord.

There are different kinds of long terms. With a Airbnb we charge more as it’s one , two months.
I could probably get the most 700$ a month for a room from a year lease tenant but here I make 1100-1200$ a months per room so difference is significant .Plus I don’t want anyone to stay here for a long time anyway. Guests get too comfortable :grinning:

Yes, and seems it’s not that hard to find someone for monthly on Airbnb for your area.

An update on the search bug, rep said according to the bug report “there is not timeframe for a resolution. Our Bug/Technical team is still working and investigating on a resolution for the glitch/bug that your listing
is experiencing”, so basically we are back to square one, lets see how long it takes them to give me a yes or no as far as a workaround, my prediction is they go silent we are back to the same game.

never heard of this box, can anyone reconfirm?

@hypertokyo, I haven’t been able to find it either, maybe Airbnb is doing some testing live (like they seem to be in the habit of doing) and this little mess is the result of that. Still waiting for a workaround from the IT team.