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Interview Request: looking to build a guest info and verification service

Hello everyone,

I am working with an Airbnb host to build a guest information and verification service for property Hosts on platforms such as HomeAway, Airbnb and VRBO. This service would help in two major ways:

First, the service will help Hosts better respond to inquiries by providing a real-time profile of potential guests, so you can have a more engaged conversation and better market your property. Second, the service will help Hosts better manage by identifying potential red flags and negative historical data about the guests. Information will be delivered quickly and seamlessly so that Hosts do not have to change how they interact, screen and accept reservations today.

We would like to speak to some current Hosts to better understand their challenges, and to get input on our proposed solution. Would anyone have time next week for a 15-20 minute call?


Hi Dylan, Iā€™m happy to talk if you need. Good luck! Andy

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