Internet and/or wifi

What is laptop friendly. Is there only internet of also WiFi?

Laptop friendly indicates that there is a safe place to put your laptop with power nearby. In my case in each of the two rooms of the suite, I offer a desk, ethernet connectivity, comfortable office chair, and of course, wifi. As a bonus, there are open and clear shelves near both desks for papers, the laptop bag, adaptors, the stuff of a mobile office. In one of the rooms there is a TV which has HDMI so you it is possible to use it as a second monitor. I don’t leave the HDMI cable in the room since they are wildly expensive, but it is available upon request.

Of course, lots of folks prefer to prop themselves and their machines up on a bed or sofa, but for real work, I think a desk is important.

Thanks for your answer. Is WiFi a must ?

I don’t offer wifi or internet at my riverside cottage. Don’t want to have my internet allowance eaten up by folks downloading too much. I’m on satellite and it’s not cheap or fast. Easier to dodge the bullet of disappointment and complaints. There is free wifi in the nearby town and this isn’t a business destination. People have been given refunds by air if wifi didn’t work.


@Leny. Of course you don’t have to offer wifi, but I suspect anyone traveling with a laptop wants and/or needs it. Just don’t select WIFI from the Amenities list. However, if you have internet, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t add a wifi router for $50 or less.

I would never select a place without internet. I spent years sitting in nasty cafes back in the day all over this country and Europe, sitting next to gamers who didn’t bathe, and I have no interest in going back to that when I travel.


Love your description of sitting in cafe’s for WiFi lol

I too would never stay somewhere without wifi. I just depend too much on looking up sights, hours, restaurant reviews, maps, etc. I could easily manage without a tv when I travel, but wifi is a must.

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WiFi is not as essential as a good bathroom, but it comes close. It’s one of the things I always mention when leaving reviews for AirBnB or hotels. I highly recommend providing a inexpensive folding table instead of a desk. It’s much more versatile.

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