Interior Designing your airbnb space?

Hey Airbnb community!

I see so many beautiful homes on airbnb and I’m wondering if most hosts use a professional interior designer or do you DIY?

Do you think it is important to decorate your host space? Is it important to you as a host? Do you think it increases your reservations?

If you do choose an interior designer - what resources do you use to find one?

If you chose to DIY, what was the process like for you? Were there certain pieces or things that made your space more appealing?

Would love to know your thoughts and get your perspective on it :slight_smile:


Amanda E.

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Hi Amanda,

I did and I recommend it to everyone. A good interior designer will have sources that we don’t. They simply know more brands and styles and options. Every other guest is complimenting about the interior and once every few months the Los Angelinos ask for her number as well.

In the process, she showed many options and what could work with what and with the overall look and feel of the house. For me it was needed, others might have the eye.

Remember, I was aiming towards a designer house so I needed it. If you’re renting your own home where you live it’s a different story. Guests will expect the authenticity of you and your home. So need to keep in mind that it’s not ALWAYS necessary to have one.

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hi i agree with #obed but we had a big discussion recently on this and seems many people have anti-designer views - i guess it depends on what you like and what kind of market/look your after. As we say 'in taste and colour there are no friends"…but for me its a yes…when i look for airbnb a nice design makes a difference…

I would’ve used a designer if I had the budget. I did ask a friend who has the “eye for it” to provide some ideas & guidance.

You may wish to search for the other threads about this. There have been 2 0r 3 long ones in the past few months.