Interesting news regarding vaccine

It’s being reported in various media outlets today, but this is it from the horses mouth, so to speak.



On the other hand . . .

Aye, that’s why said interesting, as opposed to good :wink:


It’s possible that having had the disease doesn’t produce strong enough antibodies to make you immune from getting it again, but that a vaccine might.

Anything, good or bad, is possible. In any case, it’s still going to be months from availability, it may take 2 doses, it may be less effective for the most vulnerable which is the over 70 population and if you are over 70 Hispanic male, there’s not a lot of good news. It’s going to be a tough go in my poor border town. So I’m looking for suggestions on how to retain sanity, particularly until Jan 20.

“Antibodies fading” thus not providing protection isn’t new. CDC recommendations for the frequency of vaccinations consider this. In order to work in a hospital, my Hep B & MMR vaccine titers must be certain levels or new vaccinations are required.

There is no guarantee that the presence of antibodies provides protection. However it is highly likely a subsequent infection would be less Virulent.

And let’s be prepared for the AntiVaxxer “Karens”

If we can’t get people to wear masks, the outcry from the AntiVaxxers will be worse.

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Not just that but there are some of us who aren’t anti-vax and who aren’t conspiracy theorists but who also don’t want to be first in line to get it.


Given the loony tunes you have running state government, who want to kill Grandma to stimulate the TX economy, I’d get the hell out of there.

Back in Molly’s day, this kind of ineptitude was entertainment. Not so during a pandemic. If she was alive today, she would be outraged.

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Yep, based on my medical degree I got on Google, I’m expecting maybe an annual covid shot, like the flu shot, that’s 40-60% effective.


Thing is my city is a world away from Austin, for good and bad. In my 80% Hispanic border town, it doesn’t feel like Texas. There’s not another city in the world like my city. We are the largest bi-national urban area and we also abut NM. So we have the culture and history of 3 places but TX is the least of the 3 in many ways. I have a house that I love and if I sold I’d have to downsize, etc, etc. That’s not to say I won’t ever leave, some of us have discussed it, throwing in together and getting a golden girls style house. We could actually move about 25 miles from my present home and buy in New Mexico.

Well, I did (get the hell out of there). I moved to a nice blue state in another part of the country. It’s not all that. And it isn’t much different. Our governor is also wanting to kill Grandma to stimulate our economy - but is so full of deceptiveness that it wasn’t said outloud. But all of the actions support it.

We had plenty of dumbfucks protesting mask wearing too.

They. Are. Everywhere. :scream:


I’d like my vote for president to count at least once more before I die. Not living in a democracy sucks sometimes.


I couldn’t resist posting. “Thank you for being a friend”.

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My brother lives in San Miguel but uses a San Antonio mail drop that delivers to a pickup point a few blocks from his house. I haven’t been to San Antonio but next time I visit SMA I’m planning on busing from there rather than Austin, or flying from LAX to Mexico City (because I was using mileage). He says San Miguel de Allende is handling COVID fairly well.