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Interesting article regarding Ring cameras





I love my Ring camera. I don’t love my American police state. We aren’t going to be able to stop the technology so we’re going to have to learn to live with it and regulate it.

As I said in another thread, I used to have a neighbor who watched and saw everything. And I suspect he called the police often with his “tips.” Nevertheless when my house was broken into he somehow didn’t happen to see anything. If I’d had a Ring camera at least I’d have a better idea of what happened.

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And in addition to police use there is a “neighborhood” reporting function where people share footage with neighbors. There are a lot of paranoid people out there and much of what they describe as suspicious is just meter readers and salespeople.

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They are illegal here in Spain if it records any space that is considered public, but as we are on site it’s not an issue for us not having CCTV.



Yes, completely different here in the U.S. Here under case law nothing in public view is considered “private.” For example people complained about google street view/satellite view violating their privacy but the courts (so far) say, that’s not private and not protected by our US Constitution. And now a significant part of the world population has a device that can record a video and upload it to the entire world via a device their pocket. We don’t have to like it but we will have to adapt.


The upswing of businesses and homes installing video surveillance has actually been of great help to our local law enforcement. Like many areas, we have a rather large homeless population and a percentage of them are consistent problems. The cameras have helped to identify the real problems and reduced some of the business burglary and vandalism crime in the area. I have Ring products also and am part of the Neighborhood network as well. I have to agree with @KKC that there does seem to be a few more paranoid folks surfacing and posting random “Who is this person?” videos. On the other hand, those posts have also helped our area to identify and stop a few door to door scams. We have a fairly large elderly population here and if we can stop them from being victimized it is a good day .


Freedom vs safety, same as it ever was.

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