Insurance suggestions for separate unit

So, I didn’t think about the insurance standpoint until now and spending too much time reading posts. I knew Air provided some insurance and didn’t read enough to see it only covered lawsuits and that our insurance company might drop us if anything happened. Our Air unit is a separate structure and above our garage. Should I look into a separate commercial policy for this? Anyone have ideas/suggestions/experience?

People like Comet, peer and CBIZ.

And would that be for insuring your entire property, or just for the specifics of ABB?

No, this is just for your short term rental. Comet is good because it allows you to turn it off and on when you don’t have guests. Air’s liability program is primary coverage (it didn’t used to be) but there are some things it doesn’t cover. Read over the description. I would imagine the insurance companies that provide this product are well versed on what Air covers and how they can supplement it.

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