Insurance for Non-UK Resident Hosts

We would like to rent out our apartment in London on a short term basis as we are not living in the UK permanently. We need to get contents insurance/short term letting landlord insurance for non-UK residents. I have spent hours on the phone just to get rejected.
Does anybody know of a reliable insurance company for non-UK residents, saving me headaches and time?


try an insurance broker

You are aware of all the issues of STR in London?

what does STR stand for?

I think, I am. Do you mean the Airbnb 3 months limitation?

Why don’t you just rent / sublet while you are away? I’m part of the kiwis in London group and there are always people on there looking for short term accommodation while they settle in London - Just an example but probably less hassle with the new rules.

Please try 0344892 0960. We think our contact was Michelle. We insured with them in about March, after our premiums shot up with Countrywide, without cover for our B&B etc. To date, totally satisfied with their customer service and ethics around STR and LTR. Also they put our contents and building insurance into one policy, not CW’s two, halved the cost so we added some nice-to-have add ons.

Good luck!

Will give them a call asap. Thank you very much.