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Insurance for hosts?


Last autumn there were a few discussions here about insurance, but nothing recently. I’m trying to find an insurance company that would cover both my home and my guests. I found a few articles like this one on NYT and Brick Underground but most sources criticize the hurdles you need to jump through rather than providing solutions. Has anyone actually seen an airbnb-friendly insurance company in 2015?


There are plenty of insurance companies ready to insure you if you are prepared to pay the fee. Commercial insurance is more expensive than domestic insurance. AirBnb is a commercial activity.


Hi, I just got a policy through CBIZ that is a combo homeowners/vacation rental and I’m so relieved to have found this as I haven’t seen anything out there will full protection without having several policies. Here is the guy’s info I got and used:
David Cronk
Vacation Rental Insurance Program
CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc
Visit Us Online

140 East Main Street Suite 201
Bozeman, MT 59715
Ph (888) 883-5696
Fx (406) 922-5053

Also, to give you an idea of costs, my homeowners was $1,900/annually and this policy is $2,500 annually with a little more coverage, so all in all not bad. Also, it is a writeoff from your rental income so if you don’t own the house but just rent, you can deduct this policy. Not sure what the pricing is if you rent your place and don’t own but it is definitely worth a try! Good luck :slight_smile:


I have CBIZ, too. I would like to hear how it goes if anyone ever has to put in a claim with them.


One host here, I think it was Cabinhost, said she contacted her agent and they immediately canceled her! So I would urge caution contacting your existing agent!


Hello Tiffany, Thank you for the tip. I’ll check out CIBZ.

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