Insurance for Airbnb

I noticed that there has been some discussion on this forum about insurance in the US for Airbnb’s.
I called State Farm today because I’m going to rent out one of my houses and in exchange for higher than average rent allow him to Airbnb a couple of rooms in the house.

So I purchased a $1 million umbrella policy that would cover me if my renter did damage to the neighbors or someone on the property was injured.

I mentioned the Airbnb situation and she told me that the business/hotel policy is an extra $1000 a year. - not too bad.

My house is in Oregon, worth $260k 3bed/3ba.


That’s good to hear. Not too bad. Thanks.

@Scullard89 lovely to hear from a property owner happy to let their tenant do Airbnb. :slight_smile:

And State Farm did not cancel you when you told them you were running an Airbnb? Good for you! I think you might want to read your policy carefully to make sure that there are no exclusions should they find out it is an STR. Otherwise, that seems like a good deal!

Well above I mentioned that they offer a policy for Airbnb’s that’s $1000 a year.

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Wow, that is great news! I have been flying under the raydar with my insurance company. Good to know, thanks, and best wishes!