Insurance Claims

Has anyone had to make an insurance claim to the rental agencies (VRBO, Airbnb) insurance carrier? We have selected the insurance requirement rather than damage deposits.
What is your experience? Is the claim process easy? Does the carrier pay for damage or is there the “runaround”? Is there a deductible that the owner pays?
We had a damaged sofa due to pets but didn’t make a claim due to apprehension about the whole process. I’m just trying to get a better understanding before the next damage occurs.

I am not familiar with this experience. However, with the exception of vehicle insurance almost every loss I experience seems to cost one dollar less than my deductible or fall under some bizarre exception. If I am able to claim then they cancel me the next year for being high risk. The word insurance gives me indigestion.


Your insurance broker will be able to answer your questions as it varies from company to company./

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I don’t know what you mean by having “selected the insurance requirement rather than damage deposits”. Airbnb has no damage deposit option and even when they claimed to have one, it was bogus- they didn’t hold a deposit from guests, it was just a “you could be charged up to this amount”.

No, you cannot depend on Airbnb to reimburse you for damages. It is a lengthy process that can take months with no guarantee of success. You should have your own private str insurance.

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