Insurance canceled because of high wildfire risk

We have used Proper Insurance for several years and have been happy enough with it. This year we received a letter that they would not renew our insurance because we are in a “high wildfire risk area.” We live in the central coast area of California.

So we are seeking suggestions for a new agent, especially if you live in a wild fire area.

Thank you.
Stevan and Lori

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Check American Modern, or USAA if you are a member?


Interesting. Last year, after double digit percentage raise in premiums for the 3rd year from Proper, I spoke with one of their reps. I had contacted an in-state broker and found a better deal and asked if they could match it. (Always a bit of a hassle to make sure my mortgage lender gets an insurer change right.) He said the company, which is fairly new, had been hit hard from west coast fire-related payouts, said in so many words they had not hit positive revenue yet, and could not lower rates. Who knows if this is true, but consider contacting multiple local brokers to see what product they can offer you.