Insulting inquiry

Anyone have an inquiry insult you on their 2nd correspondence?? First question was what was my pet fee, “she had an emotional support dog”. So I told her in the nicest way as I always do, and she came back to say, and I quote her: “NOT FOR NOTHING… she is a trained and registered 7 pound dog, and does not pee or poo in the house, and does not shed and is well behaved. Oh and my house is probably cleaner than your house.” Oh, I responded in like, could not help myself. Never heard back. Thank Goodness.

can we SPAM guests inquiries???

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That guest should really familiarize herself with airbnb policies. Instead of insulting you she should have just shown up at your door with it and then you two could have duked it out in person. LOL.


First, second or third I’d just say we are not a good fit for your needs. I love dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, fireflies (especially) and they give me great support but I don’t travel with them and none of them wears a vest :joy:
Really, what is is with these entitled guests?


@Patty - Would have liked to have seen your response (for entertainment sake). :wink:

I might have answered her, “No extra charge for the pet…but for you, yes.”


Wow, that’s quite an onus on a host … have to admit I didn’t know any of that.

So the fact that a host might, for instance, be scared of a particular animal is not considered sufficient reason to refuse acceptance? I have a guest at the moment who has a real fear of dogs (I saw her cringe when a neighbour’s lovable gentle lab passed by the gate!) - would guest 1’s need for support be seen as more important than Guest 2/hosts’ fear? Sounds a potential minefield to me …

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We have had countless posts here lately and I’m not really in a position to recap them all. Since I accept pets I only half read the posts. I don’t charge if they say it’s any kind of service animal, therapy animal whatever. I don’t ask questions, I don’t ask for “proof.” It seems to me more trouble than it’s worth. If they do cause me any damage or extraordinary cleaning I’ll request it in the resolution center.

There are exceptions and it seems about as murky to me as this airbnb article suggests.

Oh, and as Chris will tell you, none of the law applies in Europe but as Como will tell you, Airbnb policy applies regardless of what country you host in.

The other topic that goes round every month or two is allowing children vs not allowing them and what is a safety issue vs a discrimination issue.

I allow Dogs and well behaved Children, @Malagachica is correct that seemingly many Hosts are unaware of ABB’s non discrimination policy they have signed up to, silly as it is.

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Even though my listing says not suitable for children just tonight I had a booking for a father and 10 year old daughter traveling together. I’ve learned from reading here not to tell them “absolutely not.” I used to be able to do that because of the dogs but now they have a separate space. He only booked for one and I sent a request for the extra $5 and told him “I understand if you want to cancel.” And even though he said “it’s extra?” he still accepted the charge without hesitation. Sigh. There has to be other places in town that are child friendly and cheaper as this booking is more than 3 weeks away, but no. Now I’ve changed my settings to a two night minimum around the days he is traveling so if he tries to change his date I can decline.

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I dont think $5.00 is enough fee for a second person (especially a child ) when they fail to pay attention.


LOL. I experiment with my second person fee on a regular basis. It ranges from $4-10 depending on how keen I am to host 2 people. If I’d rather have singles I raise it, if it seems slow I lower it.

Keep in mind I have a single room with ensuite bath, not a whole house. I get so few guests with children that it always kind of catches me off guard; less than 1% of my bookings have a child and I’ve never hosted a child under 9 years of age.

At this point I’m hoping he cancels.

So you told her no? What was “not for nothing” in response to?

People get their knickers in a twist when they think you have insulted their pet.

I’m sure she just wanted the last snark and will go impose her so called service emotional pet on someone else. Good riddance!

I’m not opposed to real official service animals, but I detest people who say they have one and it’s only one in their mind. Fortunately, we never have this issue in Hawaii because of the strict regulations on bringing animals into the state.

However I did get a guy saying he was bringing his German Shepard puppy with him, because I was pet friendly (had checked the boxes for pets on property) and he somehow misinterpreted that to mean I was pet friendly. Had no clue he could not bring animals to Hawaii easily (it’s a six month vaccination process and very expensive. You need to hire a vet to do exams at the airport upon departure and then again on arrival. Meet You there. Etc. )


Hi , thanks appreciate your take on it. We too felt it weird that she was insulted. Hey, I told her so too, I said, "we have accepted pets for 3 years without incident, with a low pet fee per visit, so therefore, your pet is not the ONLY perfect pet in the world, service pet or not, and that pet owners expect to pay a fee to allow their pet, service animal or not, into our apartment, and probably onto the couch and beds… "
Oh well, it is history now, never heard a word back from her. She is too busy cleaning her house, I guess.

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I understand and support rules around a non-discriminatory approach to the acceptance of bookings but …

… what if the host’s pet doesn’t respect the AirBnB TOS? I have tried explaining it to our Staffie but sometimes I worry that she just doesn’t get it. She is naturally gentle and welcomes other animals into our place so it isn’t such a problem that she’s not across all of the detail.

However, sometimes one of our sons visits with his Staffie, If the emotional support animal turned up unannounced with the guest there is every possibility that the emotional support animal will need its own emotional support animal rather quickly.