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Instant Hotel - Netflix


Anyone watch Instant Hotel on Netflix? Interesting show for those with an Airbnb.


No I haven’t but I will now


I do, but kinda sucks when compared to “Stay Here”

AAAAnyhow, we don’t get much of these type of shows, so I am still happy.


OMG I want to give you ALL of the hearts just for introducing this show into my life. My god it’s good, petty fun. It reminds me of the last Superhost we hosted :joy:.


YES! we are watching it and it’s great TV from an entertainment perspective. I think the hyper-critical element of the show is challenging…only once has a single 10 of 10 been awarded (i.e. five stars) so I hope it doesn’t reset expectations overall for “instant hotels.”


Do not have much time to watch TV, but will have to check this out.


I will watch it soon. Thank you!


Yes I just finished (binge) watching this show, and I hear you, I was also mainly interested in it because I’m on Airbnb. Would love to see a global version, although I wonder if it’ll even get a second season?


Emphasis on the petty. The 2’s and 4’s that were given out were hilarious.


I liked Stay Here as well. :heart:


Omg, I lived 6 years in Austrlia, and the producer of this show, channel 7 has managed to find the most bogan (red neck), petty and obnoxious Austrlians. So for a reality show, they did their job really well… :wink:

Anyways watched it with my partner who wants to visit Australia and have me. After half way through the first episode she said “I’m not sure I want to visit Australia anymore…”

Stay Here is interesting and I think way better. I’m curious how many of the Stay Here places are available for rent and actually working. The Malibu Place has had 9 reviews and is available. I want to know who pays for the reno work?? Seems like a great way to get your home fixed up, then live it in yourself. lol.


I’m working on what this means. Do I want to know?


Lol, and “have me show her around”


thanks for the translation! I know what “redneck” means :smile: I do think the winners seem pretty cool and sophisticated…I would stay with them and their lovely home.


Yeah, no. They mention it several times that owner pays for renovation, that’s why they agree budget beforehand


I just finished the first episode. Some of the contestants were being so snobby about the local bar. I thought it looked kind of fun. Isn’t one of the reasons for traveling to experience something different than one’s day to day life?

I did agree that the furniture was too dark and heavy, and didn’t go with the tropical environment.
(Nor the price point)


Don’t forget these real people are acting and these shows create fake drama in addition to being heavily edited. Those folks are probably at the local bar all the time.


Me too!!!

I was surprised that the professional hospitality reviewer said that house #2 would not appeal to repeat guests but didn’t say the same about the #4 uniquely furnished/themed home.

Also it was discussed that #4 was a “great value” & the host said she had lower rates to stay booked. I was surprised the reviewer didn’t say something about making the listing appreal to a broader target market and raising the price.

I’m glad I watched it. I think I learned a little bit about people and gleaned some good ideas.

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