Instant Booking

Just a quick question, how can you tell if a listing is instant booking or not

Has a lightning bolt symbol underneath

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Well, I have looked but I cant seem to find any listings with the lightning bolt, I have looked in several areas
( Just to explain, I am doing research as we are thinking of doing airbnb )

Have you filtered for superhosts?

Just tried searching with superhosts and IB filters on. Still cant see any lightning bolts.
Does it show up on the first search results screen showing all the listings?

Super hosts have a badge that looks like a medal under their profile. Next to that is the lightning bolt.
If you are just starting out - instant book is not a good idea until you learn the ropes and get some hosting experience

Ok thanks I will go and have another look.

ETA. Ok I looked again, I can see the super host badge but no lightning bolt. Don’t worry for now, I still have plenty of time. I wasn’t going to do IB just wanted to know what my potential competitors do

Do a search without a date for your area and click on the Instant Book button at the top. The listings that come up are the ones who are IB.


At least in the US that lighting bolt has been gone a long time. There is no longer any easy way to see if listings are IB or not compared to non IB.


IB is really handy once you get the hang of hosting. To do well with it, you need to have your pricing and calendar nailed down (which is why it’s easier for a new host to start without IB enabled).

There’s a wealth of knowledge on this site for new hosts. The search function is really handy.

Good luck with things and let us know if we can help :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes me feel better, because I couldnt see that lightning bolt anywhere.

@JJD, thanks. I did the search with the filter on, it reduces the number of listings in the search results so they must be IB

Thanks, I have been reading everything on here and have learnt heaps.

Good to know that in the US IB is only findable via the filters. I couldn’t see it on my listing, either. It took me 2 1/2 years of hosting (not a lot of guests during that time) and a ton of research on this site before I turned on IB. It has made a HUGE difference in my bookings and searches, but I’m glad I did the research here (this forum is an abundant wealth of knowledge and snark) before turning it on and had a bunch of stays under my belt first.

Good luck!!

Thank you. I have to wait until my tenants move out so have plenty of time to research yet.
I have now discovered that all my prospective competitors use instant booking though. I’m in a small town with around 5 other airbnbs.
We are sick of LTR so giving airbnb a go. We would be happy with a just few bookings per month not back to back bookings. I’m in Australia by the way. Off to continue researching…

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