Instant Booking obligatory!

Dear all,
I rent out my flat in London when I am away and have never used instant booking because I prefer to know more about who is moving into my home. However,Air B+B has now started accepting instant bookings without giving me any choice beforehand and claim that that is now mandatory!
Is there no way I can resume control over who is allowed to rent my flat?
Would appreciate your advice,especially that of UK flat owners who are in the same situation!

I have not heard of such a thing. Who told you it was mandatory? Some clueless CS rep?

What sometimes happens is that settings mysteriously change on their own. Hosts have found their check-in time listed as flexible when it isn’t, etc. You need to check your settings on a regular basis.

Did you try to turn Instant Book off?

Rubbish. Check your settings, sounds like either you, or they (not unknown) have changed something.


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You can check off every requirement to instant book. Good reviews and Government ID. It’s not fool proof but it adds an extra layer.

Sorry that’s not true you don’t have to use IB. Go into your settings .

Perhaps Airbnb had a glitch and turned it on or you did in error. @Cillikugel