Instant booking is on, but still occasionally receive booking requests requiring accept/decline

I have instant booking turned on with the requirements to have a verified ID through Airbnb, profile photo, acceptance of house rules, and person booking must be 25 or older. But, I still occasionally receive booking requests asking me to accept or decline. Does anyone know the reason? I assume they are missing one of the items below but I can never tell for sure. Trying to make sure I give correct direction to people trying to book.

You guessed correctly!

If someone doesn’t have all your requirements they can’t Instant Book, but they can still send a request to book (the one with an accept/decline on 24hour countdown) or inquiry (the one with accept/decline/special offer).

Are you in a development (HOA or Co-op) that stipulates age 25+? If not, you may need to remove that requirement as it violates Airbnb’s discrimination guidelines.

  • Airbnb hosts may not :
  • Impose any different terms or conditions or decline a reservation based on the guest’s age or familial status, where prohibited by law.
  • Airbnb hosts may :
  • Provide factually accurate information about their listing’s features (or lack of them) that could make the listing unsafe or unsuitable for guests of a certain age or families with children or infants.
  • Note in their listing applicable community restrictions (e.g. senior housing) that prohibit guests under a particular age or families with children or infants.

I have instant book with only govt ID requirement and I still get experienced people inquiring instead of just booking at times.

Me too. I don’t have any requirements at all (other than the standard Airbnb thing) and I get inquiries from time to time. I’ve no idea why.

Sometimes they inquire because they want to check something before they book such as if they’ll be okay to check in late or how close we are to the beach or whatever.

I agree you can’t make it a requirement that guests are over 25 unless you have an age bar imposed by your management company @Colleen_Beach

And anyone can send you a request whether they meet your requirements or not.