Instant booking canceled


An host canceled our booking that was on instant booking. She sent me a message that they will not be able to offer her place (calendar problem) for the dates I booked. I was very surprised that she didn’t got an automatic message that she canceled on her listing and we didn’t got any coupon.

Do you think she used a “free” instant booking cancelation?, our host profil has only excellent reviews.

I am not sure. Why not give Airbnb a call. Normally you can’t use the ‘free cancellation’ for not keeping your calendar up to date. Only if guests don’t meet house rules, or they make you uncomfortable.


I agree, on this case I am an host trying to understand what they used. I posted on facebook as I can’t called them at the moment.

I had this issue recently, too. I used Instant Book and the host messaged me the day before arrival. I was told that the price was incorrect and I would need to pay extra in cash (!) or he would cancel the booking. Airbnb got involved. Strangely, no automatic review was posted, which was very disappointing. I have no idea what happened either, as there was no precedent for this.

Contacting Airbnb and emphasising the disappointment and inconvenience of having a booking cancelled will go a long way towards helping you get some form of compensation. If it was at short notice, emphasise this too, as they’ll go out of their way to help. Late cancellations don’t do much to inspire confidence in using the platform. Doing so through their social media (Twitter, especially) helps.

You know you are on a host forum and not a guest forum? Maybe you should take your tips to a guest forum. :unamused:

The question, in it’s entirety, pertained to a guest whose host cancelled their booking. In that case, no one should entertain sylvainbg’s post.