Instant book on for my listing but I don’t show up when using IB filter?!?

Just having a look at my listing in a private tab to see where I am showing up in results… and I noticed when I turn on the instant book filter… my listing doesn’t show up! I definitely have instant book turned on… so strange!!!

I worked out that if you ticked government-issued ID and/either recommendation from other hosts ticked then you won’t show up in Instand Book searches.
I am wondering if someone is logged into their account and have government issue ID and positive recommendations from other hosts will my listing show up in their search results?

I have both and can try for you–what should I search for and be on the lookout for?

Hi I sent you a private message link for the listing to look out for.

If you search December 12-15 for 5 guests in Katoomba it should come up

Thank you!!!

You’re there, but not until the eleventh listing on page two. I did not put in number of guests or type of house–just date and IB on.

When I add in five guests, you are fifth on the first page.

Which brings up another can o’ worms…that Airbnb is tailoring search by # of guests, in an effort to achieve maximum property capacity. I think this might be new, judging by how far my property has fallen in the rankings (on smart nob) recently…

Brilliant! Thank you for checking! I will leave those boxes checked as it seems I will show up on IB for people who fulfil my criteria!

Not really sure what you mean by Maxmimum property capacity? Sorry … but I am interested!

Why would AirBnB care about “maximum property capacity”? I would assume it has far more to do with the price - a three-bedroom house is probably going to be a lot more expensive for two people than a one-bedroom apartment.

Why you should be showing up first? What about others that were there before you with perhaps with better and more reviews? Also, remember there are like 50 factors to your rankings on their results page. Not only IB.

they are copying HomeAway and the “best match” horror show.

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Exactly. The majority of my bookings are for two people, about half using only one bedroom (couples); the other half using both (friends, mother/daughter, etc.) Obviously, in air’s algorithm I have it “optimized” for two, as additional people after two incur an extra $10 per person up to four max staying (so only $20 extra per day can be charged.) But because of this, I fall far down in search for four people, but am near or at the top for two. And I don’t think it matters if I get rid of the extra person charge, as I am clearly not attracting many groups of three or four.

I’ve had previous guests contact me asking if I am still hosting because this time they planned to have a slightly bigger group and when they searched, they didn’t find me after several pages even though they clearly knew from previous stays that we have the capacity. So, while I don’t know how to address it, I know it’s happening. I’ve searched it myself and can see it happening everywhere.

I can appreciate what they’re doing (I work in data) but…there it is.