Instant book - Not suitable for infants and children from 2-12 - But can they still book?

Dear Hosts,

I am contemplating enabling instant book for a trial period as my booking have completely halted for over a month now. Summer is peek season here and I am finding this is very strange. I am blaming this issue on the fact that my property is practically invisible on the platform since there is a lot of competition with instant book on. I’m guessing my listing is being buried deep down in the search results.

My question is: If I have instant book on, will guests with kids be able to book if my listing is not suitable for infants and kids from 2-12?

Suggest you have friends with unrelated computers do some sample searches for your listing. Mine had simply not been there at all. I have sent air a dozen screenshots of searches that could not pick up my listing. They insist all is well but I do not believe it. Do don’t assume it is up there!

My listing is there but to see it you have to zoom in on the map close to the location. Something very strange for example, if I search for my town specifically, listings from other towns show up well before mine!

Guests can stil send you an inquiry but cannot IB. Assuming they are honest about children being part of the booking.

I do have IB on along with not suitable for children. I do get bookings for travelers with children. Take it in a case by case. Most I go ahead with if one child and they let me know age and to reassure they will bring own bed and bedding for the child. So far all have been great and would host again. I have had some with 3 children and declined. The space is listed for max of 2 and have let them know not a good fit for that may people.

Guests can Instant Book if they have children; there is no filter that checks their Account information (even if it did ask about kids). Only YOU can prevent guests traveling with kids from booking your place. If they arrive with ankle-biters in tow, all you can do is call Air and cancel for “not comfortable” with this guest

Here’s my advice…been hosting for two years and have NEVER once had someone try to book with a kid. The reason is I clearly spell out in my house rules that all guests must be 18 or over as my space is not suitable for children.

To answer your question: yes. Technically people can instant book and hide the fact from you that they plan to bring kids. However, if someone instant books, they must agree to follow your house rules. So, of someone breaks your rules (and showing up with a minor would be a violation of your rules if they are clear) then you can contact Air and let them know the reservation must be cancelled without penalty.

Fortunately I have never had to go down this road, because, again. My rules are VERY CLEAR about kids (i.e., I even go so far as to spell out that infants count as underaged guests). But, that said…this is my understanding of how you would deal with that situation if it were to arise.