Instant Book email received from Airbnb December 20

Instant Book will give you an edge
We know that guests prefer to book instantly, and listings that use Instant Book often get double the reservations. Now, with enhanced controls and penalty-free cancellations, it’s easier than ever for hosts to make the switch.
Benefits of being an Instant Book host

Higher-ranked in search
Your listing will be ranked higher in search results, and guests can filter their results to show only Instant Book listings.

Enhanced controls
You’ll have access to controls exclusive to Instant Book hosts, like limiting reservations to guests who are recommended by other hosts.

Penalty-free cancellations
You can cancel penalty-free if you’re ever uncomfortable with a reservation or a guest’s behavior. Learn more
Set up Instant Book
You’re in control with Instant Book:
You set the rules
You can choose to host only experienced guests who are recommended by other hosts. And guests must agree to your rules, like no smoking or quiet hours after 10pm.
Guests will connect
Guests are always asked to tell you why they’re coming and how many people to expect.
Peace of mind
Guests who don’t meet your requirements will need to send a reservation request. If you’re ever uncomfortable with a reservation, before or during a trip, you can cancel penalty-free. Learn more
Set up Instant Book. Have more questions?

I think most of us knew this was coming. Fortunately I won’t be hosting again until next May. I’m waiting to see how many more changes Airbnb makes before then.

This doesn’t feel like a change to me. Instant booking has been available for quite a long time. And the rules of engagement of instant booking haven’t changed. The difference is that now they’re being honest that it affects search results.


I don’t see anything new here. I’ve had instant book on for the better part of a year with no problems.

I got that same email a few weeks ago. Just part of their effort to push IB with emails reminders ad infinitum.

We’ve used it since it was first rolled out. No problems with it at all.

It looks different to me. I think the issue of being able to cancel penalty-free is more appealing with their new terms of service.

You’ve always been able to cancel penalty free with instant book…

Though I have seen a limit of three on occasion. I think they are still deciding what this cancellation policy looks like.


That was/is my point! When they 1st wanted me to do IB it was different than the email I received.
You don’t have to waste your time if this is the IB you’ve always known.

It did use to limit you to 3 x a year. According to this post.

Oct '15
There is a new provision for canceling with instant booking – hosts who use instant book can cancel without penalty, 3 times a year. You can do this automatically, online.

Now it appears you can cancel unlimited # of times. That’s the kind of information I’m looking for. Thanks, tucker.

@amywyo My timelines was no limit, then limited to three, and now, your email says unlimited. Of course, those of us with IB on didn’t get this email. I figure AirBNB will do whatever they want should there ever be an issue. It isn’t like they actually NOTIFY us when they change their approach.