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Instant book - direct text lowers response rate/time?

Do you respond to Instant Book guests via text or via the Airbnb messaging system at first? For Instant Book reservations I see the guests phone # immediately & usually I text them directly as soon as I get the booking. But would sidestepping the Airbnb messaging system decrease my response rate/time?

I can’t say for sure, but I would think so. Airbnb has no record of the communication if you simply text the guest, phone to phone.

I think that once the reservation has been accepted - even though it’s automatic - that counts as a response.

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No instant booking is good for response rate and time. Unless you have a good reason to do so (like your guests are on the road with cell service but no wi-fi) I’d keep the messages on the AirBnB system in case there is a problem.

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Lots of issues when you don’t communicate with guests via the Air messaging system. Keep all you communication within Air…

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