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Instant Book cancellation 7 days before check-in

Are instant book hosts covered by the the cancellation penalties that If i cancel a reservation within 7 days of check-in, i’ll be charged a $100 fee or am I automatically charged $100 regardless how far the booking I wanted to cancel?

I have a moderate cancellation policy, I have an upcoming reservation on March2 and I am deciding to send my guest a note requesting her to cancel instead of me making cancellation. I want to know what will be my repercussions.

I will be unable to host this upcoming reservation due to conflict of personal schedule.

Your three “free” instant book cancelations only cover instances where the guest is making you uncomfortable in your communications and the guest is indicating they won’t be following your house rules. As a host, you should never ask the guest to cancel when you can’t host, as this is not the guest’s fault.

Not fair of you to ask the guest to take the hit on this. They will face cancellation penalties. You could not provide the room as promised so it should be on you to take the hit.


When you say you can’t host them because of your personal schedule, does that mean you are going to be out of town or will have someone else using the space?

With my moderate cancellation policy, will they not get a full refund? I know I can also pay them the service fee that Airbnb won’t refund them.

I manage to find her a new host, but guest is expecting that the new host will extend same consideration of let check-out (5pm-7pm) for her late flight departure. I told her this is not a guarantee and that the new listing is managed by other host.

"The host i was requesting help from to accommodate your stay will not be able to guarantee your late checkout request, checkout policy is 12noon hence your request for late checkout before your evening departure is not workable.

I would like to suggest that you cancel the reservation from now and until 6 days prior your original check-in date, this way you’ll be able to get a full refund rather than losing that reservation money that was collected when you instant book my place. I will also cover the booking fee that Airbnb charged you.
This will also give you enough time to arrange your stay with another host.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have my relative needing the space earlier than the scheduled trip.

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