Installing new HVAC system

Hi Folks, I need some ideas. We are transitioning from space heaters and window air to a central forced air system. The system we are installing creates a separate zone for the guest house. We will be able to control it remotely. What temp range do I set it for winter, and what temp range for summer?

You’ll get so many different replies! I love the warmth and a couple of days ago was walking around with a sweater and a woollen scarf because the temperature (outside, I mean) was in the low seventies. At the same time, two guests were sunbathing wearing very little indeed. In our rentals we let guests choose their own HVAC temperature and when guests leave, they’ve sometimes left the thermostat in the low sixties, other times in the mid-eighties. There’s no one size fits all :slight_smile:

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I would want a control system they can operate, within sensible maximums and minimums. And you can monitor, so you can turn off when they are no guests there, or to whatever is the minimum load…

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As a guest, I would want to be able to control the temp. My wife and I like it very cool when we sleep. We don’t ever use the heat in our room no matter how cold it gets. I’m always amazed at the temp our guests set in their rooms. Most like it very warm for sleeping even with all the blankets we provide.

Our guest suite shares the HVAC with the rest of our house so I’m careful with temps too.

We’re in Southern California. During these winter months we set the thermostat at 68 for sleeping hours and 70 in the mornings. We leave an extra blanket in the suite and an electric space heater but most people use neither. There’s also ceiling fans and windows in each room if our guests want it cooler. I state the temps in my listing and, so far, no one has complained.

You have reminded me of when I lived in Bahrain. All the Brit expats would sleep under a heavy duvet in winter, with the A/C running to keep bedrooms slightly chill. I had hat, gloves, and woolly lined boots for flood lit rugby matches, when it was about 65F. It was the humidity, rather than concerns about cold cans of beer chilling one’s fingers… Christmas was fun with families visiting for the holidays, going to the beach, windsurfing, sunbathing and wanting to be taken out on (summer) boats whilst we wore fleeces etc. Such wimps we were! But they rarely came in summer temps of 40F/100% humidity, despite icy levels of A/C inside. That’s when we went sailing proper!

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That’s what I am :slight_smile:

But after 24 years in Florida, I sometimes think I’m more Floridian than English - especially when it comes to temperatures"!

Just to chill you out… It’s -2C outside this morning, with a gale howling, blizzards, snow drifts across the fields, zilch visibility. I feel an attack of cabin fever coming; even the cats won’t go out unless needs must.

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I rent a room in my house so everyone has to share the temp. In winter set to 70 degrees, in summer set to 78 degrees. I provide a floor fan and ceiling fan, plus a space heater in the airbnb room and I publish my settings in the house manual, if they have any problems with the settings to let me know. Only one guest in a year and a half had a problem with the summer setting and informed me so, so we lowered it a little bit.

If i am renting a whole house rental i would expect to be able to control the temperature of the unit. (within reason).


This sounds reasonable. We have a trunk full of blankets. Also ceiling fan in bedroom and floor fan, to move where they want.