Installing a Ring Doorbell

We installed a ring doorbell by our garage after our first guest checked in. What are the Airbnb requirements? If we add to our listing will the edit be time stamped?




Send your guest a message via Airbnb

“I wanted to let you know we installed a ring door with camera yesterday beside the garage. It picks up outside activity only.

I apologize we could not give you advance notice of the installation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you”

What’s done is done. Acknowledge it and roll on.

You should also identify it in your listing - that you have “surveillance” system on the property and possibly give a brief description that it only looks toward the street.

I will be installing exterior video when I have the money, but I put in my new listing that I may have installed outside video cameras before they arrive, and that the neighbors on both sides have exterior cameras that may be able to see portions of my house exterior.

The neighboring houses are all at least half a floor lower than the apartment windows, so their cameras shouldn’t bother anyone.

I do want the cameras for when I travel, but mostly because I want to get alerts when a bear shows up in the back yard. I’m tired of my neighbors telling me they got nice video of the usual 3 minute attempt to break open my bearproof garbage can right below my bedroom window while I slept through it. :wink:


Lol why did it take me so long to understand why you keep adding 2020202020 to your pithy replies

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Don’t you mean factually correct with no extraneous information?


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