Inquiry issues: Getting a "Respond To Inquiry" after I did - 3x

i responded to an inquiry within a minute; then 3 hours later, 6 hours later, and then 24 hours later airbnb sent me these messages:

" Respond to xxxxxx’s inquiry

It’s been 24 hours since Kenneth sent an inquiry. Pre-approve xxxxxxx so they can book the reservation instantly. If you can’t host their trip, let them know by declining the inquiry as soon as possible."

I contacted help after the first dunning message and they told me to not worry; sent a message from airbnb saying same - and then I got 2 more messages.

Anyone else get this? Seems like another ‘glitch’…


Currently getting bookings but no views……?

??? I’ll rephrase:

I have gotten 4 messages from airbnb asking me to respond to an inquiry - 3 messages after I reponded, the last one after the inquiry was over 24 hours old.

Airbnb help told me I was in no danger of being dinged for this.

Has anyone else gotten a simple inquiry and despite responding, gotten emails / messages to respond?

Is it possible they made an inquiry and a request and they are in different threads? Or same name two accounts. You would now see multiple threads in the inbox. Airbnb solved some problems with multi threads per guest per trip… But caused new confusions as a side effect.

I haven’t gotten an inquiry in awhile, so I can’t remember, @Rolf. And I delete all those “reminder” messages, soI can’t go back and check.

One thing that has changed at some point is that inquiries used to expire after 24 hrs, and they no longer do. They just sit there unless you decline. But I never decline inquiries- once I’ve answered it, I ignore any reminders orthe fact that it’s just sitting there forever.

Airbnb is just prodding hosts to pre-approve inquiries.