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Inquiry about cleaning standard

I need some advice on how to get back to this inquiry,

*** she asked “Do you have a professional cleaner cleaning prior to our stay?”

I replied " …We are taking care of the place ourselves. We do leave 2 days between bookings for cleaning and sanitizing. "

*** then she replied “Ok thx for the info. Just wondering about the cleaning because I had an Airbnb Stay recently with not the cleanest standards and ended up getting our cleaning fee back. Just checking with you since my toddler walks around barefoot and her feet were black at the last place.”

How should I replied, I feel like regardless of how clean my place is if the toodler were to run in and out from the deck then they are prone to get dirty feet.

Thanks in advance!

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I am always hesitant to allow someone to stay who complains about other hosts, no matter how valid the complaint is. Did the toddler go outside? Possibly. They’ve already gotten money back at one stay. So they may do this again if they find a speck of dirt under the fridge, etc. Even if your place is perfect, you will be on edge waiting to see if they complain.

That’s just my instinct. You may be fine with hosting them. No wrong answer there!

Are you able to see reviews she left? If you are on the web, you can click their profile, then click the picture of a host who reviewed them.

You can say, “ I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Our guests have been very happy about the cleanliness of the space. Keep in mind, if the door is left open or the windows, it gets quite windy here, so dirt may end up on the floors during your stay. Also if your little one goes outside barefoot, it may be tracked in also.”


I have to agree. I would not accept these guests. Toddlers are booger monsters, they touch everything with sticky fingers and Mom has a history of complaining and extorting money from hosts.




I would have replied with something along the lines of:

"We clean thoroughly, following AirBNB Covid cleaning protocol. even exceeded those standards by leaving leaving 48 hours between stays.

With that said, there are always situations beyond a hosts or cleaners control. I would not want you to be impacted by such, so I thank you for your inquiry but I don’t think my listing is the right AirBNB for your needs."

Attaching the GIF is optional :wink:


Thank you all, I will try to add all your advice to the reply. She got 1 good review from host but she didn’t leave any review to hosts.
Thank you!

Even if the last one was legit an icky experience, red flag that she’s anticipating something going wrong. I’d skip it. Or provide cheap slippers.

I agree that she sounds like a less than ideal guest. My feet get dirty on the bottom from wearing flip flops or sandals around.


I’d reply the following:

thank you, next

I have denied the request, thanks all for the great advice.


She texted me back asking if the place is not available anymore (:::

Awwww, oor Joan. What an icon.

Nice choice,


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Can she still instant book even though i have denied the request?

I’d honestly be tempted to say professionally but clearly that I don’t want her to book. It would be great if once in a while some folks were told that yes, in fact their :poop: does stink. But in reality I’d probably just block a day or two that she wanted and wait until she goes away and then unblock.

Especially now people are literally booking one day for two days away and cancelling the next day! It’s nearly impossible to make plans. So it wouldn’t seem far fetched even if she kept checking your listing.

I have someone else just inquiry for the exact same date, however only for 1 person and she just joined Airbnb in August. I’m pretty sure its her just with different account and name ( her original request was for 7) . I don’t want to keep denying requests as it could affect my status …How should I go about this?
Thanks for all the great advice so far …

Block the date. …


I only block 1 day out of the 5 and the inquiry change to " not possible". THats awesome

THanks KKC.


Declining the request was probably the best move.

Uncertainty was your first response. I’ve learned the lesson the hard way—if I have that uncertain feeling, then decline & move forward.

Decided to move on and she keeps coming back , this time it’s a new profile which is a family of her asking why cant they book …

Yep, I’ve had customers like that in which I said, “While we do take cleaning very seriously maybe we’re not the best fit for your needs. Thanks!”


Right decline that guest. Way too picky. I always decline prospective renters who want to bully me before they arrive. I hate being bullied by tenants.

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