Inquiries with no dates?

Suddenly I’m getting inquiries from guests with no dates - I just got one from someone from Brazil who wants to bring his wife and mom, spend the day sightseeing, and then just have a place to shower and sleep. OK, great, sounds wonderful, but I had to write back and ask ‘for what days’? No number of guests, no dates.

This is the second time. I had a request, and resultant conversation, that went on and on before they actually entered dates and number of guests (and booked).

Anyone else getting this? Is this normal and I’m just now seeing it?

Thanks everyone!

Not saying I’m right, but that usually either means they’ve searched for properties in your area with no dates, which I sometimes do to get an overview of pricing, but have forgotten to enter them before contacting you.

It’s also possible the dates they are wanting are not available in your calendar, so they sent a general contact message in the hope your booking calendar was not up to date.

I sometimes do this just because there are a number of hosts who don’t update, so I’ve checked in to see if the place is really not available.
It’s worked out two enquiries out of three, so he may just be trying his luck!

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Thanks, Just!

They did enter dates and booked - so - whoo hoo!! Our first guests from Brazil!!

Hi @dcmooney,

I didn’t know that was possible. Airbnb forces one to enter dates before it lets one send a message to a host, at least in my experience. Or am I missing something?