Info needed to start Managing Properties through Airbnb

Hi Everyone.
My partner and I are looking into managing our families houses through Airbnb and hopefully down the line we get a few more properties on board.

We both have an idea on what to do but just want to pick every ones brains on how you all got started

  • website?
  • facebook?
  • marketing?
  • charging?
  • linking up with airbnb

Or any other relevant information that we may need to make this a success



have you ever worked in the hospitality industry? Start there!


Hi @Tyrone_Tee

I would suggest you start by doing your market research, before looking into how to market your property.

What are others in your area charging for comparable properties?
What sort of market are your properties suitable for ie couples, families, large groups - and how will you need to decorate/equip to appeal to these markets?
Put together a budget

  1. Start up costs
  2. Ongoing costs - utilities, taxes, insurance, cleaning, - a co-host unless you are doing everything yourself etc etc
  3. Estimate how many days a year you are likely to let the property. -

This will give you a gross profit.

If your market research shows you there is a demand for your properties and you can make a profit - then look into marketing.

Before you use a listing company read their website through to understand how they work for example Airbnb has the Airbnb Help Centre which covers all the basics.

There are a variety of listings companies you can use and also you can do your own marketing through your own channels, paid ads and third party marketing.

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Perhaps you should invest in a paid business advisor, it sounds like you don’t really know what you are doing, no offence :smile:


Spend a week or two reading everything on this site. The answers to your questions have been given over and over. That’s called “due diligence”. We’re not here to hand you answers. But the answers are here and at the AirBnb site. It’s up to you to find them, not up to us to hand you everything on a silver platter.


Wow, @KenH, those were my thoughts exactly! Just joined (so many do this!) and wants us to set up a business plan. REALLY! Offense intended :rofl:

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When I started on Airbnb, I didn’t have ANY experience with property management or rentals. I had to learn by doing.

As recommended earlier in this thread, do your market research and plan on it being a continuing process. Also as recommended in this thread, please read prior threads.

I support starting small (one property or one room) and Airbnb only & share on your Facebook wall for 6 months or more to give you a chance to develop & fine tune your processes. Then expand to more than one rental site or develop a personal rental site to as your skill develops and you determine what you can handle.

My first year was painfully difficult & I had to learn quickly. After 3 years, I have 3 rental properties, finally able to feel good about my hospitality & efficiency. It took slow steady progress to develop a livable revenue stream (meaning I’m not fully dependent on working a traditional job).

What you do and how you do it, is all very personal. Take your time and learn as you go.

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Read through this forum. That’s my advice. If anyone here wants to just write out the answers to your questions they can be my guest. But I’m not gonna do that! :rofl::rofl:


Well actually, no. If I am doing Airbnb, there is no need to share this on my Facebook wall. On the contrary, if I wanted to rent out my room, directly to Facebook friends, there would be no need for Airbnb in the first place.


Yes Airbnb is my primary booking too. I share the link on my Facebook page so friends can share the link with people I don’t know. It isn’t necessary but I have gotten a few bookings from friends of friends, sharing the link with “new to the area” people looking for temporary housing.

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