Independent local business discount - would you put flyers/promo into your let in return for perks?

Would anyone be interested in putting flyers into their property/room for let on behalf of a small local business in return for 50% discount/perks?

I’m looking at trying to engage with Air BnB hosts for our small local independent coffee shop.

Is this something people would engage with and what’s a good way to go about that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I would. As long as it could fit in nicely with the other stuff I leave guests (maps, tourist info leaflets etc). If it was a similar look and style, not too spammy looking, just a simple flyer… I’d be ok with that.

I personally think its a good idea but I know there will be others who disagree.

Not sure how to contact all the hosts though, other than messaging them through Airbnb which is I think against the terms of service

I think it’s a great idea. I would as an host try the place and accept it if I like the place

Yes that’s also important! It has to be somewhere I would actually recommend.

@localbusiness how about offering hosts a free coffee as an incentive? That way they will know they can recommend you

I’d do it for nothing if I liked the place. I recommend local places all the time and wish there was an independently owned coffee shop near me.


Agree with K9KarmaCasa. Already do. A free coffee would be a bonus.
That said, contacting hosts through the Air site comes to us looking like a potential booking, which gets you off on the wrong foot. I do find the sales pitches irritating!

Thanks everyone - I really want to avoid having to contact every single host as an enquiry - if it were me I would immediately ignore and delete the message!

I was thinking I could run a big air BnB event at the cafe, like a meet-up or something and then pitch the offer there?


Yes I like that idea!

I would recommend a coffee shop if I liked it and the place. If not no amount of incentives would make me do so.

Like the idea of hosting an event. Have you contacted existing groups in your area?

You are right don’t spam people on their listing.

Hi @localbusiness, did you end up trying anything?

I’m thinking about grouping local businesses together and allowing hosts to choose from a variety of businesses they can opt-in to support (and also earn a little bit for the referral)