Independent help with support case over lenth of stay discounts

Regular support specialists are not solving my problem. How do I contact a senior/supervisor level specialist?

You can’t. You have to go through the first line Airbnb CS agents first. You can ask them to escalate to a supervisor if they are not managing to solve the issue. What is your problem? Maybe someone here can offer advice if you clarify the issue.

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From what I’ve read here (not through personal experience) it is all but impossible. Why do you need to do this? What support are you expecting?

I set a 20% monthly discount. Airbnb discounted 30%.

Then I doubt anyone here will be able to help you, you’ll need to contact Airbnb. Try contacting them on Twitter - that seems to get good results.

I did tweet. We’ll see.

So the CS agents you’ve talked to say they don’t know why?

yes and even worse some have offered me completely made up stuff.

Now I feel I need someone from outside the company who can advocate for me.

Rather than get into such complications and spending time and energy on this, why not remove the discount altogether then give to anyone who requests a stay of more than one month?

I did that but I need to be paid. They have under charged on 3 reservations and owe me about $2K.

Didn’t you notice at the time of booking? It’s going to be harder to sort this out retrospectively.

Yes, unfortunately a large percentage of them are clueless.

Well, no one can do that. They aren’t going to deal with someone else contacting them on your behalf.
I have been successful getting things escalated to a supervisor by remaining polite and requesting that.
“Hi XX, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the response doesn’t address my issue in a way that solves it. I appreciate that you’re trying to be helpful, but could you please escalate this to your supervisor who may understand how to solve this? Thanks for your attention.”

Could it be that the weekly and monthly discount have combined to get to the end price?
You may have an argument if this occurred.

Remember that Airbnb have themselves covered in the TOS if the host accepted the price that was given at the time of booking.

That happened to me once and it was because I had two promotions going at the same time. I had forgotten that I had a promotion in effect and then I added another. Go into your promotions and check.

Are you new to Airbnb @jpaisel

If so it sounds like you set your listing up by agreeing to a new host discount on the first three bookings.

If you already had a weekly discount of 10%. This would have given the guests a 30% discount.,enabled%20and%20smart%20pricing%20disabled.

He/she said that they were looking at a booking with a monthly discount. But if there’s a monthly discount of 20% and the cancellation policy is the non-refundable 10% off, that would add up to the 30%.

@jpaisel Do you have that cancellation policy?