Increasing exposure to listing

Hi all

We’ve recently started hosting and (so far) are having a good experience. After reading this forum and some other sites, I decided to create a website to mirror and link to my airbnb listing. It’s here:

I’d be grateful for comments and suggestions on how to increase awareness.



I would be very cautious about using the Airbnb logo unless you have their written permission.

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Hi Beara,

Nice place and a nice website you got there.
Will your listing improve in searches on Airbnb when you mirror your website to that?

Hi both, thanks for the replies. Not sure how I could mirror my site onto Airbnb, I was more interested in having a website presence that might raise the number of visits to my Airbnb listing.
In relation to the logo, I don’t think they’re that bothered as they (used to) let you personalise it to suit yourself at although that’s currently not working at the moment. I found info about it here -
…but I may need to tweak it then so it’s all my own.

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Yes, I would tweak it using the system that Airbnb provide (although for some reason, it’s never worked for me).

Just a couple of small issues. It’s better for several reasons to make sure that the page names are something like /gallery rather than /?page_id=60. Also it’s a good idea to get rid of the meta data at the bottom of the pages. Finally, remove ‘powered by Wordpress’ (also at the bottom of the page) and replace it with something else - perhaps ‘Powered by Louis the Dog’ :smile:

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:slight_smile: thanks, I’ll give all of that a go this week

Another though (sorry but I do this for a living) - I would remove the links that are in your copy. It gives viewers and awkward feeling. ‘Should I click this or should I read on’? They might not consciously think this but it’s uncomfortable.

Most Wordpress themes have an option to have a footer on every page. I believe that you’ve used the Twenty Seventeen Theme? I’m pretty sure it has a footer available, with widgets.This is a good idea because you can have your contact information - maybe even a mini contact form.Or your Twitter or Instagram feed in the footer on every page.


Airbnb gives you full and free permission to use the Airbnb Tag or Logo on your independent website . A few years ago they even posted the Airbnb Logo/Badge for you to use .
So its all ok with Airbnb , as long as you are stating that this is your Airbnb Linked Website for your Property .
and it is not an Airbnb website

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Thanks Jaquo, I’ve done most of those changes now, but can’t remove the ‘powered by wordpress’ bit as I don’t have the editor option on the theme and it looks like it’s not allowed anyway without a business account. I’m not adding any contact info as I currently only want contact via the airbnb site, although that is something I may revisit. :slight_smile:


I do not want to hijack this thread, but maybe someone has any recommendations for my website I also just made? :smiley: