Increase of extra guest fee for peak times?

Hello All,

I’ve been around for quite a while, but this has stumped me!

I am in an area where my peak time is for two weeks only and I have increased my price accordingly. However, I cannot for the life of me find where I can also increase the extra guest fee.

Speaking to the gods that are airbnb, I was advised to add a private note to those dates on my calender, and if possible, (which it is not) to alter my listing to state that an extra fee would be applied. There is no space to do this!

Anyone have any tricks/tips?
I do not feel comfortable with people booking and then my having to defend the extra cost. I’m sure there used to be a detailed calendar where you could tweak dates?


Can’t you just increase the base price and leave the extra guest fee as is, then if only one books, it’s a bonus.

In the app—go to your listing
—booking settings
—extra charges
—extra person
And change your amount there

I couldn’t find it on the full website. I think they moved it —again

Does that not change it for every booking, rather than the two week window @Julia wants to change

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Every booking. You are correct

There’s nothing in the Airbnb system that allows you to increase the per person charge for only a certain window of time. Your best option would be to increase the base rate to such a point you don’t care about the extra person charge.

Or if you must have it, you could create a duplicate listing where the calendar only covers those two weeks and modify the guest charge.

Thanks everyone. It seems the “old” way of being able to alter rices for specified days has gone as Allison says. Another little thing that you don’t find out about until you need to! Helsi, I have raised the rate for the room but to add even more to cover a second person would make the room overpriced. I’ll have to wait and see as I really don’t like the airbnb option of “tell the guest when they book”. Yeah, that will go down well!

PRICES (for goodness sake)!

There has never been an option to set the extra guest fee for specific dates.

But I suspect this will come soon. AirBnB wants a piece of the BDC pie, so they will have to offer the same flexibility in rate settings.

Hi Chris, perhaps I’m mistaken, but I think I remember a “grid” of a calendar type where you could enter all types of pricing for months ahead. Options like cleaning fees, extra guests and daily rates/discounts for certain times etc. Granted, this may well have been a very long time ago, 8 - 10 years perhaps! BTW, what is BDC?

Booking Dot Com!


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