Increase in energy costs

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Contacted Airbnb earlier to establish why their policy is to add extra commission + Vat if a host surcharges same for electricity, oil & gas in the times that are presenting.

Our energy and fuel costs have more than doubled. We are and have taken the hit now for over 6 months as we have a modest built in allowence for such usage.

Simply put our energy bills have gone literally through the roof. Last month one couple were spotted with three EV charges out various windows. These were large vehicles !!

When I approached Airbnb vis a vis their adding comission and Vat on top of any extra energy cost we might need to charge, their response was “We cant be expected to make a loss” I was putting it to them that they might consider dropping these gouging commissions because of the circumstances presentating right now!

Right now we are on the cusp of giving up. This particular rental I am referring to had a tag on the end, electricity & oil overrun €380.00 :flushed: Our allowence €60.00 built into the rental. Solid fuel also supplied free.

The hosting going forward is not looking great from our perspective and we have competed in the self catering now for 12 years.

Maybe Airbnb could consider a softer, more compassionate approach considering we are really in a war situation.

I just increased my day rate to take into account utility increases @liam

We are not in a war situation- ask those in Ukraine, Afghanistan etc who daily live in fear of their lives what living in a war situation is like


I understand that energy costs have skyrocketing in many areas, but I am not quite sure why hosts are so freaked out about it, seeing as how that would be true of all the rentals in one’s area. So obviously everyone in an area needs to put their prices up to cover the increased costs unless they are okay with earning less money, which pretty much no one is.

One way to deal with big energy costs and irresponsible guest consumption is to charge a largish amount for excessive utility usage, as a refundable deposit. You set a certain, reasonable amount of kwhs as included in the nightly price and anything over that is taken out of the utility deposit, the balance returned to the guest.

This would entail reading the meter (and photographing it with time and date stamps) before and after each booking.

You can argue with Airbnb about adding their charges on extra fees until you’re blue in the face and have upped your blood pressure, but that’s a losing battle and a waste of your time.

Where I live, people who have high electricity consumption end up putting in solar. The initial cost is high, but it pays off within a few years.


Increase your nightly rate. If you do your own cleaning, increase that rate as well. Don’t post it as a surcharge, just incorporate it into your nightly fee.