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Increase bookings by 8x with pro photography in LA

Did you know, that you can increase you chances of getting a booking by up to 8x with pro photography?
Some hosting sites offer ‘free photography’ but it can take over 4 weeks to get your photo’s up onto your listing, sometimes even longer.

With our new service, starting in Los Angeles, we can deliver you 10-12 fully edited & re touched images, (more depending on the size of the property) delivered to your inbox within 3 days of the shoot. The pictures belong to you and you can use them on any site.

Visit our website for more information

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How do pics turn out if it is pouring down rain and cloudy that day? I am not in the LA area but was disappointed with my first photographer. So if I do hire another one I am just wondering if it is hit or miss with the weather. I don’t think it is fair for the photographer to turn down other clients and then I keep expecting him to rebook. He needs to make money. But I also wonder how dreary days (even with touching up) affect bookings long terms. It seems like it is a catch 22.

Thanks for any input.

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The answer is that bad weather shouldn’t affect your pictures. A good photographer should be able to produce good interiors pictures even if the weather isn’t ideal. Obviously, if you are talking about your patio, garden or yard and rain or show, that is different.

I have done many, many interiors shoots with here in the US and in the UK, where it rains a lot! Anyone who is used to photographing interiors will know how to alter the settings on the camera and use tools in post production to produce great images. Taking photos of interior spaces is a specialized form of photography and very different from portraits or events. When you chose a photographer ask to see photo’s that he/she has taken of interiors. Any suitable photographer should be willing to show you samples of similar projects. If they are can’t or won’t don’t use them.

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Thanks for the ad!


I appreciate the response. However, yes I would expect the professional to also shoot pics of the outside dining area, yard, waterfall, horseshoe pits, etc. So again, it seems like a catch 22

You said waterfall? I’m in!

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Haha…not Niagara Falls…just a simple 25 ft. waterfall to sip wine or coffee in front of :slight_smile:



The photographs on our listing were taken by me on the iPhone. They are less than brilliant. But guests often say that the place is better than the pics. I’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.


Do the listing photos really need to be super slick and professional? These aren’t ads for a 5 star hotel experience. And the subject of this thread strikes me as complete nonsense (no offense). 8x? What about people who are already getting plenty of bookings?

If they are too polished or edited to make spaces look larger, you run the risk of getting negative marks in the accuracy ratings.


Edited and retouched images are not what we want or expect.After many years as a designer, I could easily put my iPhone photographs into Photoshop and in fifteen minutes, the rental would look like a palace. But I won’t. With Airbnb, false advertising will come back and bite you in no time.

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Hi Jaquo
Im a photographer based in the fort lauderdale area and i shoot for Airbnb all over south florida but also shoot freelance as well. If you are interested i can come photograph your listing. Let me know!

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Are you an Airbnb host?

Probably not haha… @brook2adks

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