Incorrect payments added incorrectly by Airbnb

Has anyone else out there found that Airbnb are adding up the nightly rate incorrectly?
Last year I had a dispute with them to try and sort this out and after months got a refund, charming people but oh so slow. Now I’ve found that although they promised to correct the software it’s still going on. Recently they’ve made a payment that was down by £25. Considering the amount of hosts out there there’s potentially a lot of refunding needing to be done as both my friend hosts are having the same problem.
We are in the Uk has anyone else had this problem?

@Peony. No, I haven’t had this issue, and I watch the numbers pretty darn closely.

I’m in the Uk too but haven’t noticed this happening. But I will be checking!

They once made an error in calculating a refund amount owed to my account (I’m in the U.S). When I pointed it out, they apologized, made the refund (it was like only around $25). They gave me a $100 voucher to apologize. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never got around to fixing the issue.