Include a photo of a guest book page among my listing pix?

I’m considering adding this photo from my guest book to my listing photos. Pros? Cons?

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Many people do that. It seems no downside to this.

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I like it!


I’ve thought about doing this, though I might blur out the guests’ names and/or addresses for privacy reasons.

I like the idea of including the pic. It sends several messages 1. See nice prior reviews 2 I will give you a chance for feedback 3. I value your opinion

You may wish to use different pages. The names for the guests on 1/4 & 2/7 are in the same handwriting and the handwriting differs from the comments. At first glance it makes the comments or names appear fake. After thinking about it, some one jotted in guest names when the guest missed it. Anyone glancing at the pics will not take the time to think about it and will go with first impressions.

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I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it that the names/cities on 1 / 4 and 2 / 7 might be in different handwriting than their respective comments. Because those names/comments haven’t been touched since the guests checked out, I can only imagine that in each case one partner filled in the name/city information separately from the other partner’s comments.

I love it! Great idea.

This is a photo on our listing. This guest DIDN’T leave a review on the platform! It was the largest group of dogs we’d had up to that date, but we have since hosted a group of five weiner dogs that broke the record.

I edited out the human guests’ names. I figure the dogs aren’t so fussy about privacy.:cowboy_hat_face:


All pros, no cons. Thank you for the tip, which I’m going to copy.

I selected a guest comment that for one has impeccable penmanship, but also calls out the unique thing that sets us apart from our peers in the market. I am really trying to market to dog people. I am not aware of any competitors who allow any quantity and size of dogs.

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