Inaugeration, Anyone?

I don’t think I’ve seen any other DC hosts here - we have the inauguration coming up in January. I just opened those dates and raised my price to $150 (from $89) for that week - most other hosts still have their ‘regular’ pricing, or so it appears to me. However, one gal close to me, with just 1 room with two beds - has upped it to $1,030 a night!!!

Maybe I should try the experiment I suggested to @faheem and set the price crazy high and see what happens?

What would you do? I have a ‘semi-private’ two bedroom apt in the basement of our home. I can take up to 5. I’m about 30-40 minutes outside of city-center, depending on time of day.


I would block off your regular listing for those dates and create a new one with a significantly higher price!

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Spots on the floor were going for 500+ in 2009, but that was a special event for a lot of people.

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Yes. totally agree with @konacoconutz , go for the sky @dcmooney! You have no idea at this point what the political climate and situation will be during that inauguration, so I say go high, maybe even higher than @konacoconutz suggested.

The thing is, if you get someone who books early, it’s because they are sincerely interested in politics, or it’s the one time in their life they are going to be able to attend an inauguration, so they are going to be cool guests. Let’s face it, those who attend every inauguration have had their place booked for years, so the booking you may pick up the last week of November just may be someone pulling up to your free parking with a confederate flag hanging from their antenna.

I say, book high but reasonable, to hopefully get a reasonable guest :wink: Then again, I’m picky about guests like that.

Will relay a story about last summer…my listing is near the Saratoga Racetrack. So…Travers Weekend was just this phenomenal amazing thing in the world of horse racing, and those not already booked who normally got in $200 range for the August track season, were re-pricing, and getting, up to 2K per night! I know because I was checking every single day! (I check local listings every few days normally anyway). Plus, there were plenty of new listings, including host sleeping on the sofa, and they were getting $500/night.

Everything in Kona is sold out for the Ironman World Championships i n October every year but I am too far from town for anyone to book me for that reason. otherwise I could really jack up prices.

Beyond Pricing has now come up with prices - they took my base price of $99 and added $149 for the event (that’s the most - varies by the days in that week).

Just fyi


Block it off until there’s a winner. I’m sure you’ll be able to get $350+/nt if Hellary wins.


Great advice - thanks!

I was also going to suggest wait for a winner. I think a lot of folks are going to wait and see if their candidate wins before booking a trip. Or start really high, because if someone wants to play 500-1000 dollars a night, I’d let 'em!


I’m beginning to hope those few nights might pay for my insurance for the year! :relaxed:

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Hellery! :smile: good one!!!,

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